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Such a valued plant was sure to bring forth legends, notably in historical Minoan and Greek tradition. A minimum of two myths to explain the crocus's origins, involved a Greek youth called Krokos. One tells how in a sporting contest with the God Hermes, Krokos was unintentionally wounded and killed, and the place every drop of his blood soaked into the ground, a Saffron Flower grew with blood-purple stigmas. Another myth had Krokos in a relationship with the nymph Smilax, and when both had died, the touching nature of his devotion to her led the Gods to remodel him into the Saffron Crocus.

As the use of plastics became in style within the put up-struggle period, it began to play a major half within the mid-19th century decorating and adorning that swept the style and magnificence world. Designers used creative methods to tint and colour clear Lucite bag, making producers start a fierce competitors to supply stylish, chic and even outrageous designs of purses.

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The right instance of a human changing into stagnant when made immortal is that of Utnapishtim from The Epic of Gilgamesh. Utnapishtim, the "Noah" character from the story, became stagnant. He did not care when he ate, he didn't care when he slept, he didn't care when he did anything for that matter because he had all the time in the universe to do what he wished.

W USA wybudują dom z drewna, sidingu i karton-gipsu. Spala się w three minuty, każde tornato przeniesie go do sąsiedniego stanu. Ale rodzina ma gdzie mieszkać po kilku tygodniach. I koszt four hundred tys zł., co przy różnicy płac jest dla nich znacznie lżejsze niż dla Polaków te 300tys. A jak się znudzi, to po 5 latach wybudują sobie inny, lepszy.