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Evander was another noted son of Hermes. He took more to his father's approach with phrases, since Hermes was the god of language. Sixty years before the Trojan Battle, Evander, along with several followers, sailed west from Greece and landed in Italy. He took with him the faith of the Olympian gods, the laws of Greece and the Greek alphabet. Once there he founded a city known as Pallantium located close to the world where Aeneas would ultimately settle after the struggle between the Greeks and the Trojans. This city would finally be a part of with Rome generations later after it was based by Romulus, a descendent of Aeneas and son of Mars.

6. W latach 1853-1857 pełnił urząd Sekretarza Wojny pod prezydentem Franklinem Piercem - wsławił się wówczas zarzuconym później eksperymentem wcielenia do amerykańskich sił zbrojnych wielbłądów, które miały lepiej od koni radzić sobie na piaszczystych terenach zachodnich stanów. Ponadto w latach 1847-1851 oraz 1857-1861 zasiadał w amerykańskim Senacie jako przedstawiciel Missisipi.

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The Hermes Birkin Purse is what some would name a must have purse. Without going deep into Olmec civilization and African presence in America earlier than Columbus, it have to be emphasized that the first blacks (Africans) to have landed in Mexico were free men (Moors) from Spain, who came together with the Spanish Conquistadors and explorers. Later, many slaves had been imported from Africa by way of the Portuguese slave traders. These dark skinned slaves "the first true blacks were extracted from Arguin," i.e Maure people of Anguin in Mauritania, West Africa.

I assume there are two traditional views of the story: one is that the Prodigal son represents Gentiles (children of Ishmael, the non-Israelite) and the Israelites. Another view is more generic, Prodigal son is somebody who sins and Good son is someone who would not. In either case the parable demonstrates God loves both. The ethical is that if we seek God's forgiveness he'll grant it.