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thoth and hermes

There has all the time been music, from an African cultural perspective, that was music of resistance to the rule of the White people that has and is still being carried out by many artists and musicians. The impact of resistance music has been written about in many books and talked about in lots of musical boards. What I am onto on this Hub, is to try and current the various cultural performances of African folks of South Africa. While at it, try to work into it a consistent consciousness about the truth that, the facility of authentic indigenous music, holds swayer all aspects of African folks's lives in south Africa.

The tailor-made look Drake created made me feel I was getting into the home of an artist, and that feeling played out for me as I stepped into the following house, which was actually the landing of the staircase the place Ronald Bricke made bold, but minimal selections to maximize the influence of his small space. A lineup of historic fertility gods lined a glass shelf over the door, and seeing Drake's cloudy mild fixture behind them created a moderately ethereal look that made the areas mix easily.

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